Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Google's Local Search

As promised last blog, the next Google update we'll be discussing is their Local Listing. Considered to be the most coveted position by some, it usually even appears before organic positions. Known in the industry as Google's Seven-Pack, it is a display of 7 listings which were searched for using a geographic region. The return page uses a lettered reference that is also matched to a map on the right.

In the illustration below, I searched for 'phoenix, az seo training seminar', and Arizona SEO is listed as 'A' or the first position, with a corresponding map.

In this instance, the Local Listings indeed preface the organic listings so you can see why these positions are so highly regarded. So how is your site considered for a Local Listing position? You can try it on your own, but we've got this one down pat and offer it as part of our SEO internet marketing. It is also part of our SEO Training and is said to be worth the cost of the entire training. I'm thinking of making it a sub-training all on its own to make it more affordable to smaller businesses.

Staying on top of what makes Google tick is just one of the ways we've been sending our clients to the top of the search engines since 1996.

Friday, November 19, 2010

What's New with Google? Instant Previews

Aah Google...Google...will you ever stay still?

The answer to that question will always be the same NO, NO and NO. And with good reason. Why would the #1 most powerful search engine ever make it easy on us? With literally millions of new websites all vying for top positions it must continue to be ever changing -- and cause us to stay on our toes!

We've decided that over the next several weeks we will spend some time on each of the top new changes at Google and how to make sure you are following them. After all, it is our job to stay informed so we can keep YOU informed.

This week we'll cover Google Instant Previews. Searchers can now browse a large preview of a site's content by placing the cursor over the small magnifying glass displayed beside each listing. These previews are large and Google sometimes highlights a major paragraph or quote from each displayed site. This way searchers can get a general look at the layout and design of a site, its homepage graphics and bold headlines.

The following pic shows an example of an instant preview at Google when I search for 'arizona lawyers' and click the magnifying glass for position C:

So does Google's Instant Preview for search affect you, the site owner? Of course it does! If your design, headline and opening summary are not up to snuff, searchers won't bother clicking onto your site -- even if you're in the Top 3. Try your best to keep your targeted keywords front and center and even highlighting them on your page in the main title. This could possibly give you an edge with it comes to getting that click from the Google searcher.

Now let's not be hasty and criticize Google for continuing to make our job harder. They're just doing what they've been doing since their inception -- serving their customers by giving them the best search experience on the web. And that's what makes them #1.

Arizona SEO stays on top of all search engine updates like Google's Instant Preview to keep you at the TOP of the internet marketing game. Its what we've been doing since 1996 and loving it.

Monday, September 20, 2010

TOP Social Media Strategies for SEO

One of the great things about the work I do is that I get a bird's eye view of what's working and what's not when it comes to social media and how it effects SEO. Since both SEO and Social Media are constantly growing, changing and evolving I like to give an update every so often  for best practices.

As you know, many of the strategies I recommend are tried and true and have been working since day one and will probably continue to for the foreseeable future. However, there may be a few here that you've not considered - or may even be surprised by. But they are what I see as being the biggest keys to success and results for business owners on the two hottest social networks on the planet: LinkedIn and Twitter.

Find Your Peeps

What this means is that you want to become part of the community you are looking to serve. The first step of course is to be clear on whom that is and what problem you are solving for them. Once you know that, the goal is to go where they are hanging out.

There are specific tools you can use on both of these Social sites to easily find and interact with your target market. My absolute favorite is in the Groups feature on LinkedIn.  

Concentrate on Conversing and Building Relationships, instead of Broadcasting and Selling

One of the most common mistakes that people make when they are first introduced to social media is to focus on pushing their product or service in a spammy way. That approach fails miserably in social media because most people are there to build relationships and interact, not to hear sales pitches. There's nothing wrong with letting others know what's going on with you or your business sometimes -- just be sure to intersperse your tweets or LinkedIn posts with some two-way conversation.

Remember to always and I mean always have your posts and profiles link back to your website. Google just loves seeing freshly updated sites that link to you and will reward you for it!

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How YouTube Videos Can Boost Your Search Engine Positions

Looking for an easy way to improve your search engine rankings? Simple. Post a YouTube video and get it to rank well, and the engines -- especially Google -- will pay attention. After posting your video at YouTube follow these tips:
  • Insert keywords into your video filenames.
  • Host your videos on YouTube, and embed those YouTube videos into your own site. (Google says its algorithms consider how many times a video is viewed, and any views embedded videos receive on your own site get added to the ‘views’ tally on YouTube, nice!) And yes, nearly every video we saw Google blend into its results came from YouTube.
  • Optimize your YouTube videos by writing keywords into your videos’ titles, descriptions, and tags.
  • Embed videos into relevant text pages on your site. The content provided by the text on those pages (which is hopefully already optimized for search as well -- like our clients') will help the search engines figure out what your videos are about.
  • Also it doesn't hurt to create a video library on your site, so Google knows where to find your video content. Write keyword-rich annotations for each video in the library.
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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Is Social Media a waste of my time? I think not!

If I rec'd a dollar for every time a naysayer asked me if I really get clients from social media, I'd probably be rich by now! Isn't it a waste of your time and effort they ask. Well, here's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

While prospective clients have not knocked my virtual doors down as a direct result of my postings, the following upsides must be carefully considered:

-  I've formed relationships with others in Groups that have indirectly brought a client to me without even knowing it. For example. I had a Disability lawyer from NJ on the hook for a month without a signed Contract. I had the opportunity to speak w/his wife during one of our tel conversations (who happened to be an IP lawyer) and somehow the name Nils Montan came up. When I told her that I met Nils through LinkedIn and he interviewed me as an SEO expert for his upcoming book, guess what? I had a signed Contract in my hands that very week. Gracias Nils :)

- By forming relationships with those who became fans of my FaceBook Business page, I now have a captive audience every time I post on new SEO happenings. I always end my posts with a link to either my SEO Blog or my Youtube Channel. I've answered the telephone at least 3 times to a future client saying I'm watching you talk about SEO right now and I'd like a proposal on what you can do for my business.

- I saved the best for last. Social media is the most effective fuel for building other resources. Besides owning an SEO company I am also VP of a local Networking Group, Arizona Women Networking. Social media has been paramount to the growth of this networking group, which in turn has been paramount to the growth of my company. A direct result of viral growth.

If you think social media will be the quick fix answer of how to get immediate clients, then yes you will be sorely disappointed. However, if you take the time to actually 'meet' new people for who they are, and not just as potential clients themselves, you'll be unexpectedly pleased with the results. Any may even make some very good friends along the way.

Friday, April 9, 2010

How Important are Local Listings at Google?

Now that Google has decided to post their Local Listing results above all other results you simply must have one. Can having a Local Listing at Google get any better you ask. Sure it can -- by having a top organic listing to accompany it, just like my client, Bruce Truesdale, Esq. has. Consider the screen shot below when I search for 'Middlesex NJ bankruptcy lawyer' at Google.

Client, Bruce C. Truesdale shows up in the coveted Local Business Results, and better yet has the #1 organic position as well. Now that's what I call double the bang for your buck!

Need help showing up organically and at Google's Local Listings? Just drop me an email. Internet marketing SEO is what we've been doing since 1996.

Monday, April 5, 2010

How another website's PageRank can help your SEO

I've said it over and over again of the importance of 'incoming links' to your site. In the search engine's eyes an incoming link looks like a vote for you. When the incoming link has a high PageRank or PR, the search engines view it as a primo vote!

So what exactly is PageRank? 
As defined by Wikipedia: PageRank is a link analysis algorithm used by Google that assigns a numerical weighting to each element of a hyperlinked set of documents, such as the Web, with the purpose of "measuring" its relative importance within the set.
Translation: How Google measures a site's importance, based on criteria such as its incoming links which it gives high marks for.
Further translation: You want PR of 4+, or even better you want to have those very sites link to your site.

When the engines see that you have sites with a nice PR rating link to you, they realize that what you have to say must important, relevant and they need to check you out. When they realize their suspicions are correct, up goes your own rank!

Need help with your site's Search Engine Ranking? Drop us a line with your concerns. It's what we've been doing since 1996!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Proof That FaceBook Brings Major Traffic To Your Site

I've always been a believer that Social Media & SEO were a perfect pair. You know -- your site's good Search Rankings pave the way to your Social Media profiles ... your Social Media accounts boost your Search Rankings. Almost the eHarmony of internet marketing. Corny I know, but indulge me.

Well believe me, I didn't even know the half of it until today when I checked the Analytics Report for one of my favorite sites, Arizona Women Networking. I set the time frame for the past 2 weeks to get a nice clear picture of what traffic was like. Well, check out this beauty:

Now follow the red arrow and take a seat because here's the real mind blower. This site has a #1 ranking for its keyword at Google, YET the #1 traffic referrer was FaceBook! So clearly, the above illustrates that not only are SEO and Social Media a perfect pair -- they're a match made in Heaven!

If you want these same results, just contact me or visit Arizona SEO. You'll be glad you did.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Full Steam Ahead for the New Google

SEO Tips provided to Phoenix business directory members

As I predicted in my previous blogs and internet marketing articles, the new Google indeed seems to be full steam ahead. My sites, along with the sites of my clients who strictly adhere to my advice, have been spared the angry rod of yet another Google update. Not only have we held our positions, but in most cases have seen our positions rise considerably. How nice to have our clients start the New Year off right :)