Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Google Rewards You For using Youtube Videos

OK, I've said it over and over, but now I have concrete evidence! Google does reward your site's SEO  when you include YouTube videos as part of your online marketing strategy.

My site has always enjoyed a very nice page 1, #8 organic position for my keywords at Google. However I decided to conduct a little YouTube experiment this past month and uploaded 3 new YouTube videos and embedded one of them directly to my site. Then...something happened. Every Friday my position would go from #8 to ... you guessed it #1. This continued for several weeks and this week Google is keeping me at #1 more days per week than at #8. My inquiries and Contact Forms have become HOT and I've been sending out more proposals per week than I ever have in my 15 year career as an SEO internet marketer.

If you'd like your Google rankings to climb the charts using this, along with our other marketing methods, contact me and I'll show you what we can do for you! Arizona SEO -- we're located in Phoenix but serve the entire Country!