Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Google's Local Search

As promised last blog, the next Google update we'll be discussing is their Local Listing. Considered to be the most coveted position by some, it usually even appears before organic positions. Known in the industry as Google's Seven-Pack, it is a display of 7 listings which were searched for using a geographic region. The return page uses a lettered reference that is also matched to a map on the right.

In the illustration below, I searched for 'phoenix, az seo training seminar', and Arizona SEO is listed as 'A' or the first position, with a corresponding map.

In this instance, the Local Listings indeed preface the organic listings so you can see why these positions are so highly regarded. So how is your site considered for a Local Listing position? You can try it on your own, but we've got this one down pat and offer it as part of our SEO internet marketing. It is also part of our SEO Training and is said to be worth the cost of the entire training. I'm thinking of making it a sub-training all on its own to make it more affordable to smaller businesses.

Staying on top of what makes Google tick is just one of the ways we've been sending our clients to the top of the search engines since 1996.