Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Proof That FaceBook Brings Major Traffic To Your Site

I've always been a believer that Social Media & SEO were a perfect pair. You know -- your site's good Search Rankings pave the way to your Social Media profiles ... your Social Media accounts boost your Search Rankings. Almost the eHarmony of internet marketing. Corny I know, but indulge me.

Well believe me, I didn't even know the half of it until today when I checked the Analytics Report for one of my favorite sites, Arizona Women Networking. I set the time frame for the past 2 weeks to get a nice clear picture of what traffic was like. Well, check out this beauty:

Now follow the red arrow and take a seat because here's the real mind blower. This site has a #1 ranking for its keyword at Google, YET the #1 traffic referrer was FaceBook! So clearly, the above illustrates that not only are SEO and Social Media a perfect pair -- they're a match made in Heaven!

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