Friday, November 19, 2010

What's New with Google? Instant Previews

Aah Google...Google...will you ever stay still?

The answer to that question will always be the same NO, NO and NO. And with good reason. Why would the #1 most powerful search engine ever make it easy on us? With literally millions of new websites all vying for top positions it must continue to be ever changing -- and cause us to stay on our toes!

We've decided that over the next several weeks we will spend some time on each of the top new changes at Google and how to make sure you are following them. After all, it is our job to stay informed so we can keep YOU informed.

This week we'll cover Google Instant Previews. Searchers can now browse a large preview of a site's content by placing the cursor over the small magnifying glass displayed beside each listing. These previews are large and Google sometimes highlights a major paragraph or quote from each displayed site. This way searchers can get a general look at the layout and design of a site, its homepage graphics and bold headlines.

The following pic shows an example of an instant preview at Google when I search for 'arizona lawyers' and click the magnifying glass for position C:

So does Google's Instant Preview for search affect you, the site owner? Of course it does! If your design, headline and opening summary are not up to snuff, searchers won't bother clicking onto your site -- even if you're in the Top 3. Try your best to keep your targeted keywords front and center and even highlighting them on your page in the main title. This could possibly give you an edge with it comes to getting that click from the Google searcher.

Now let's not be hasty and criticize Google for continuing to make our job harder. They're just doing what they've been doing since their inception -- serving their customers by giving them the best search experience on the web. And that's what makes them #1.

Arizona SEO stays on top of all search engine updates like Google's Instant Preview to keep you at the TOP of the internet marketing game. Its what we've been doing since 1996 and loving it.